Supplementation is not a must, but I highly recommend it. In this article I will be sharing the supplement that I take and love.


#1. Protein


Protein is often thought of as a meal replacement, and it can be used that way. I prefer to use my protein shake as additional protein my muscles need to support my exercise regimen. There are thousands of types of proteins to choose from out there, and it’s very important to know the main difference in proteins. There are two primary types of protein which are whey and casein, both come from parts of milk. Whey is considered a fast protein because it quickly digest, and provides your muscles with the necessary protein at a rapid pace. Casein is a slow release protein because it digest over several hours. Both are effective ways to hit your protein macro, but you need to determine which works best for your digestive system. If you have a sensitive stomach then casein is probably your best option. Also if you’re taking your protein shake before bed then casein is going to be the best. It will feed your muscles all night long.

There are so many protein brands on the market. They all range in price, and cost varies depending on where you purchase your supplement. When you are choosing your protein be sure to take a look at the nutrition facts. Different brands have different amounts of carbs, sugars and protein. My favorite protein right now is Forza Pro, which comes is a large variety of flavors. Here is a link to purchase a tub. Forza Pro


#2. BCAAs


Branch chain amino acids are one of my absolute favorite supplements! They help your muscles recover quicker, not to mention the taste great! Branch chain amino acids are the build blocks of protein, and they aid in building and restoring muscle. BCAAs come in a variety of brands and flavors. You can take as many servings as you would like in one day, but I would recommend one serving. They are simply added to water, so they can count toward your total water intake for the day. They help break up the monotony of plain water. My favorite BCAAs are Amino Links and here is a link to purchase them. Amino Links


#3. Yohimbine


Yohimbine is somewhat disputed as a supplement, but I really like it. It’s known for a variety of effects, but I take it as a cortisol blocker. I am a highly stressed person, most of which is self induced. When we get very worried or our body is in stressful conditions we release a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol is known to not only cause you to maintain stubborn fat, but to even cause you to gain weight. In order to better manage my cortisol levels I take yohimbine in the mornings. So what is this supplement? Yohimbine is extracted from yohimbe, which is the bark on a tree found in Africa. It is rather inexpensive, and I really recommend giving it a try. Here’s a link to purchase it.


Extra info about Yohimbine


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